• Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies

    The Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies (ACUNS) represents Canada’s northern and polar researchers at its 39 member universities and colleges across Canada. It was founded at Churchill, Manitoba in 1977, and incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1978.


    • represents the interests of member universities and colleges by encouraging government and private sector policies and practices that support northern scholarship;
    • initiates programs to increase public awareness of northern studies and research in Canada;
    • establishes mechanisms through which resources can be allocated to member universities and colleges for the purpose of increasing knowledge of the North and ensures an appropriate number of trained and skilled northern scientists, managers, and educators;
    • enhances opportunities for northern people, particularly indigenous northerners, to become leaders and promoters of excellence in education and research matters important to the North;
    • facilitates, through conferences, seminars, research and other methods, the understanding and resolution of Arctic issues; and
    • co-operates with other public, private, and international organizations concerned with the advancement, application, and impact of northern scholarship.

  • Northern Scientific Training Program

    The purpose of the Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) is to support Canadian universities in providing training that gives advanced undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain professional experience in the Canadian North and encourages them to develop a commitment to northern work. The Program objective is to increase the number of graduate and other advanced students within Canadian universities who have specialized in some aspects of northern studies and who have northern research experience. For more information on the NSTP program visit: NSTP Webpage

    The University of Victoria has received the 2018-2019 NSTP application package from the Canadian Polar Commission. The UVic Northern Studies Committee has established an internal application deadline of November 1, 2018, to ensure there is sufficient time to compile the applications and forward them to Ottawa.

    The following provides access to the forms and links to the student manual.

    • Northern Scientific Training Program Electronic Forms

    • Northern Scientific Training Program Application Manual 2018-2019 in PDF format.

    • Northern Scientific Training Program FAQs

    Questions regarding UVic NSTP submissions should be directed to Dr. Trevor C. Lantz (School of Environmental Studies) at email tlantz@uvic.ca

  • UVic-North Mailserver

    UVic-North is an email distribution list intended for associates of the University of Victoria community for disribution items of interest to researchers with interests in northern Canada. UVic-North will also be used to forward postings from the Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies (ACUNS).

    If you wish to join the list visit the subscription page. List members can post items of interest to other subscribers by sending messages to uvic-north@lists.uvic.ca.

The UVic-North homepage is maintained by Dan Smith smith@uvic.ca