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29 The Determinants of Population Health: A Critical Assessment

edited by
Michael V. Hayes,
Leslie T. Foster and
Harold D. Foster
The "population health" approach raises a variety of significant questions. It demands we consider why it is that some people are healthier than others, why those differences are systematically distributed across social groups and how public expenditures ought to be deployed to maximize the health status of the entire population. This volume reports on a symposium which critically assesses these and related issues.
246 pages
8 tables
12 maps and diagrams
6 black and white photos
Chapter Titles and Authors
Introduction - Michael Hayes
The Determinants of Health - J. Fraser Mustard and John Frank
Health, Society and Geography - Nicholas K. Blomley
Communication, Belonging and Health - Gary McCarron, Silva Tenenbein and Pat Hindley
Health and the Physical Environment: The Challenge of
Global Change - Harold D. Foster
Evidence, Determinants of Health and Population Epidemiology: Humming the tune, learning the lyrics - Michael Hayes
An Integration of Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches in Health-related Research - Susan J. Elliott and Jamie Baxter
Integrating Health Determinants Into Policy: Barriers and prospects - Paul Pallan and Leslie Foster
Can Health Care Become a Determinant of Health? - Rick Hudson
A Consensus on the Causal Role of Social Factors in Population Health: Implications for action - John S. Millar
Health Policy and the Development of Human Potential: A commentary on the CIAR Report - Christine Gordon
Summary of Discussion - Michael Hayes
Population Health: Implications and conclusions - Leslie T. Foster and Harold D. Foster
printed: 1994
ISBN 0-919838-19-7
246 pages: $20.00
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