The University of Victoria Geography Department held an undergraduate field camp at Rogers Pass in September 2011 as part of the requirements of Geography 477. Based in the Parks Canada bunkhouse facility, eighteen undergraduate students and a cast of supporting graduate students were able to visit a number of backcountry locations in Glacier National Park. An on-line photo album of some of the field camp adventures is at: Geog 477-2011.

This page provides links to the formal outcomes of the research projects completed during the latter stages of the camp. Participants were required to prepare a conference style presentation and to submit a report describing their research findings.

An Investigation of Debris Flows on a Slope on the North Aspect of Mount Cheops, Balu Valley, Glacier National Park using Dendrochronology and Geomorphological Evidence
by: Alicia Butula and Karaline Reimer
Paper Presentation

An Analysis of Downstream Changes in Temperature, Electrical Conductivity, and Total Dissolved Solids of the Illecillewaet River and Asulkan Brook in Glacier National Park, B.C.
by: Morgan Watson, Ingrid Braul and Jason Desrosiers
Paper Presentation

Exploring the Transitional Forest Gap Dynamics of Small-Scale Disturbances Resulting in Regeneration and Increased Species Richness in Balu Pass, Glacier National Park
by: Carley Coccola, Kira Hoffman, Kim House and Annie Markvoort
Paper Presentation

The Use of Dendrochronology to Determine Avalanche Frequency Along the Avalanche Path East of Balu Peak, Within the Balu Pass Trail, Roger's Pass, BC.
by: Allison Dick, Donald Mcfarlane and Robyn McGregor
Paper Presentation

Younger Dryas Period Glacial Moraine Deposited Near Rogers Pass British Columbia
by: Ian Weekes, Jin Gan and Scott Clarke
Paper Presentation

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