In early September 2008 a group of University of Victoria travellers boarded a fleet of mini-vans and headed to the Columbia Mountains for a week of adventuring. Based at Parks Canada's Rogers Pass Bunkhouse facility, the participants in the annual Geography 477 Field Camp visited a variety of locations in both Glacier and Revelstoke national parks. Those exploits are documented in a Geography 477 album.

This page provides links to the formal outcomes of the research projects completed during the latter stages of the camp. Participants were required to prepare a conference style presentation and to submit a manuscript for evaluation. Copies of these submissions are available for download as pdf files using the following links

Subalpine Fir, Mountain Hemlock and Understory Vegetation Analysis on North and South Facing Slope Aspects
by: Lucas Beck, Matt Murray and Ben Miller
Large Movie

Dating Moraines of the Asulkan Glacier using Lichenometry and Dendrochronology
by: Cali Bingham and Kara Pitman
Paper Presentation

River Bank Erosion, Beaver River Crossing of the Trans Canada Highway, Glacier National Park, British Columbia
by: Keith Bootle and Laura Card
Paper Presentation

Dating the East Asulkan Glacier Spill-over Zone in Glacier National Park, British Columbia
by: Martin Demidow, Derek Heathfield, Ahmed Mumeni, Blair Underhill and Sam Ward
Paper Presentation

Assessing Trail Degradation on the Hermit Trail, Glacier National Park, BC
by: Marissa Dempster, Colin Mclean, Claire Daniels and Thomas Barucchi
Paper Presentation