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Mowachaht/ Muchalaht - First Nations carving on Vancouver Island

First Nations on Vancouver Island


Vancouver Island has a rich First Nations history stretching back over 10,000 years. There are currently over 35 separate First Nations on the island ranging in size from the Cowichan Tribes, at 4,100 members, to the Tlatlasikwala, at just 55. Once numbering much larger, perhaps approaching 80,000 individuals, the European colonization of the island has taken its toll on the area First Nations, with disease, warfare, and assimilation policies decimating the population, and the rich culture.


Presented here are the profiles of a few of the First Nations on Vancouver Island. The eight we selected were chosen on the basis of geographic dispersion, and information availability. On each page there is a brief history, a summary of present day activities, and the status of each Nation within the BC Six Stage Treaty Process. We also present a page on language revitalization on Vancouver Island, and a page on the current treaty process in BC. While exploring the pages, we invite you to follow the links back the individual Nations’ web pages to learn more about the incredible history and culture of each First Nation on Vancouver Island.


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