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Vancouver Island Historical Community - Old Cement Factory dock

Vancouver Island Historical Communities

Vancouver Island holds a special place in the European colonization and development of Canada. Its protected inlets and southern location made it one of the first stops for many explorers including Captains George Vancouver and James Cook. Vancouver Island played host to the first European colony on the west coast of Canada at Yuquot, and was chosen to be the seat of the British monarchy on the west coast pre-confederation. Drawing on the island’s rich natural resources and stunning features, prosperous and well populated communities sprang up, mining, logging, fishing, shipping, and building their way into the 20th and 21st centuries.


Some of the original settlements have withered away as their resources became scarce, and others have sprung up when new opportunities have presented themselves. Though the island has a number of larger cities, it is the small towns of Vancouver Island that have been the pioneers; their resource industries providing a base for the communities to grow and thrive. Here we hope to tell the story of a few of the towns that have charted the course for Vancouver Island as we know it today, and to cement their place in history as the foundation on which this incredible island is built.


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