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Above: Vancouver Island is located on the northwest coast of North America

Below: a Cross section of what Vancouver Island has to offer

Stunning beaches
Rich resource industries
Endangered wildlife
Clean rivers
Increadible scenery
Untouched wilderness

Welcome to VI-Wilds

VI Wilds is a non-profit information and conservation site hosted by the University of Victoria.

The subject area, Vancouver Island, is located on the south-west coast of Canada in the province of British Columbia. Vancouver Island embodies much of the greatness of BC: a rich diversity of wildlife, old growth forests, traditional First Nations communities, historical landmarks, and stunning scenery. This web site provides a snapshot of some of the more notable features on the island and provides photos and links to more detailed research information. We hope that you too will come to think of
Vancouver Island as a North
American treasure.

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ICOR - The Institute for Coastal and Oceans Research


This site was built for the Institute for Coastal and Oceans Research at the University of Victoria. The Institute is dedicated to researching and raising the profile of coastal and oceans issues in Canada, and along with more traditional, large scale university research projects, undertakes grassroots efforts, such as this website, in order to further its goal. More information on the Institute can be found at http://icor.uvic.ca.


Facts and Figures

The information on this web site was compiled from many sources. Our primary sources have been the World Wide Web, communications with local community groups, and personal experiences living, working, and playing on Vancouver Island. We have also made use of published research results from acting researchers here at the University of Victoria, information from the UVic Public Library, information from research centres on campus, and direct input from UVic faculty. References for the pages are located at the end of each article. The Bibliography.


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