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The Geography of Women's Wellness and Well-being Across British Columbia (24MB)

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to the supplement (1.5MB)

Chapter 2: Wellness assets (3.9MB)

Ch.2 Individual maps

Chapter 3: Smoke-free living (3.4MB)

Ch.3 Individual maps

Chapter 4: Nutrition, food security, and alcohol (6.0MB)

Ch.4 Individual maps

Chapter 5: Physical activity and healthy weight (3.7MB)

Ch.5 Individual maps

Chapter 6: Wellness outcomes (5.1MB)

Ch.6 Individual maps

Chapter 7: Summary of findings for women's wellness (1.6MB)

Ch.7 Individual maps

Appendix: Work environment (3.3MB)

Appendix individual maps


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